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Hey, thanks for stopping in. My name is Yossi Fisher & welcome to my journey.

Born to entrepreneurial parents in the retail and textile industries, I was immersed in the business of fashion from a very young age. In 2001 I opened a fashion boutique where I started my professional journey into branding, strategy, and marketing. I had a knack for spotting successful collections and the shop garnered fast attention. Distributors and showrooms took notice and started to ask for advice about market trends and up-and-coming brands. This led me to explore the role of Brand Consultant further, at one point helping with the national buys for street-wear pioneers Sean John and Akademiks.

After a successful run in retail, I wanted to explore new opportunities in the industry, so I closed the shop and immersed myself in the world of branding and private label development. I was captivated by the strategic differences in global markets, the business methods that varied from country to country, and the different communication styles expressed through branded content. By 2008 I was consulting across the USA, EU, and Asia with brands such as Wimbledon Tennis, Stormtech, and HEAD Sportswear.

Interested in the power of storytelling I then co-founded a styling company in 2010. This honed my creativity and opened the doors to major commercial, music video, and editorial projects for names like Virgin Media, RZA (Wu-Tang Clan), and Vogue. As my desire to build concepts and direct projects grew, I moved to London in 2011 and pursued a career as an Art Director and Creative Strategist. Utilizing my expansive network and dynamic expertise I founded Yossi Fisher Studio in 2014 and have been based since in Berlin, Milan, and currently Toronto.

As a Creative Strategist and Brand Consultant, I continue to drive businesses forward and lead projects internationally, empowering my clients to thrive in a new human-centric era.

I’ve been immersed in the world of fashion for as long as I can remember. My parents worked in retail and textiles and, fascinated by the industry, it wasn’t long before I started carving my own career in fashion. Fresh out of high school, I opened a fashion boutique in the suburbs of Toronto in 2001. It was here that I mastered my skills in buying, branding, strategy, trends, and marketing. Noticing my gift for spotting best-selling collections, distributors and showrooms began asking for advice on the designers they carried, market trends, and up-and-coming brands, eventually leading me to consult for street-wear pioneers like Sean John and Akademiks.

After five successful years in retail, I decided to explore the world of Branding and Private Label Development. I was captivated by the differences in global markets and business methods used in branded content and, by 2008, I was consulting across the USA, Europe, and Asia for brands like Wimbledon Tennis and HEAD Sportswear.

My passion for brand storytelling eventually led me to where I am today: helping businesses reach their full potential as a Brand Consultant and Mindset Strategist. Since 2009, I’ve worked on commercial, video, and editorial projects for Virgin Media, RZA (Wu-Tang Clan), and Vogue, as well as collaborating with major platforms like Refinery29 and client features on Hypebeast and WGSN. I’ve also hosted branding accelerators with Lone Design Club and was appointed to TFI Fashion Incubator’s board of mentors.

Today, my mission with YOSSI FISHER STUDIO is to help brands achieve their true potential and impact consumers globally through holistic, sustainable, and community-driven branding, communication, and marketing strategies. I believe that by cultivating an evergreen brand ecosystem and developing a strategic mindset, every business, CEO, & founder has the potential to achieve at the highest levels.

Ready to lean into your brand’s full potential?

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