Some Nice Things Said

"Yossi Fisher is a Unicorn ..."

"Yossi Fisher is a unicorn, able to produce, ideate, direct, present, & sell. At R29 we seek out exciting collaborators who share our vision, our work with him personifies this kind of creative partnership. Executed seamlessly with efficient and professional communication.

"Yossi is a pleasure to work with, able to balance the business priorities, timings, and deliverables with an eternal ambition for creative excellence."

Lydia Pang, Creative Director, REFINERY29

Finally, my brand, community, & self flourish together in harmony."

"When the pandemic hit in 2020 & we were all faced with an uncertain future, I used that time to reflect on my business and change what was not working. I found Yossi through Instagram & during my free virtual assessment, I directly felt a connection. During the year & a half we worked together, he helped me define my brand culture, values and supported me through the intricacies of social media & the complexities of marketing.

"My business has grown, but more importantly, so have I. Yossi guided me on a human level to find my true self, to help empower what was already there. Now everything I do, think, & achieve on a personal & business level feels aligned with who I truly am. Finally, my brand, community, & self flourish together in harmony."

Dan Dwir, Creative Director, HOUSE OF DWIR

"Yossi has made me face myself and my business..."

"Working with Yossi is a tumultuous experience and the catalyst to what I can only define as a spiritually professional journey. He has made me face my mindset and approach to my business problems which helped me reach breakthroughs that have allowed me to clarify my goals and ultimate vision.

"Yossi's holistic method and implementation strategies have been monumental to my business and industry approach, and with his continued guidance I am confidently reaching my full potential, & I love it."

Lupe Castro, Founder, FASHION SPACE

"Our jump to the top in such a short time is a testament to his expertise."

"Yossi was able to nurture and streamline our ideas, developing concepts and strategies that elevated us to where we never thought possible, while staying consistent with our culture, and empowering our intuition & actions.

"Through his guidance, in just a few seasons we were featured in HYPEBEAST, Highsnobiety, and WGSN, with artists and influencers like Jaden Smith, 50 Cent, and Jeff Staple were also profiled wearing our collections.

"Yossi's process helped us master the micro and macro elements of our brand, strengthening our identity & community, which led to our high profile media exposure."

Joseph Azulay, Founder, THE COMMON-FOLK

"(Yossi) helped create new strategies & strengthen our presence.”

“MANINTOWN was evolving as a magazine & we were faced with many options to explore. We decided to seek out a creative consultant to help with our vision & that’s when we approached Yossi. His holistic approach helped strengthen our digital approach & empowered us with brand-building strategies that continue to promote growth across all our channels & initiatives.

"Since working together, MANINTOWN gained approximately 10K+ new website visits monthly, deepened our community engagement, & have increased our followers by over 25K, and climbing."

Federico Poletti, Editor in Chief, MANINTOWN

Nadia Masri, Forbes under 30, Testimonial for Yossi Fisher

"(Yossi) is quick to act and quick to strategize on new concepts and ideas."

"Yossi is an incredibly bright and passionate individual who is always quick to act and quick to strategize on new concepts and ideas. I've enjoyed having him consult with me on new projects and hear his advice and feedback on various projects of mine that have fallen within his area of expertise.

"Yossi's creative energy and spirit shine through in all his endeavors and he has amazing vision."

Nadia Masri, Forbes 30 Under 30 | Founder & CEO, PERKSY

"Yossi will deliver and exceed expectations on all levels."

"So many people out there are fluent in how to launch a product, but so few on how to develop a brand. Yossi has been an important part of our brand's growth & identity by continually empowering our vision and exceeding expectations on all levels.

"Thanks in part to Yossi, to date we have shipped to clients on almost every major continent & hold physical stockists in over 2-thousand major retail locations, including; Shoppers Drug Mart, Rexall, and Costco, with sales exceeding $3-million.”

Aaron Fisher, Co-Founder & CEO, COPPER88

"Yossi offered me a unique perspective and valuable insight that I'm holding on to."

"Talk about CLARITY. I can't thank Yossi enough for helping me gain the clarity I needed. Often times we're feeling like we're doing so much yet still not enough. Yossi offered me a unique perspective and valuable insight that I'm holding on to. I'd recommend him to anyone who needs insight and help on growing forward."

Jaleesa Jaikaran, Makeup Artist, YOUTUBER

"Do yourself a favour and connect with someone who truly generates results."

"You will be hard-pressed to find a more passionate genuine artisan that is simply trying to generate progress, whether it’s through his dynamic creativity, or helping others overcome professional roadblocks with his wise words and depth of business and industry experience.

"Do yourself a favor and connect with someone who truly generates results and creates a positive impact for those lucky enough to be around him."

Bryan Egan, Photographer & Owner, STUDIO BE

Yossi Fisher Consultancy Client, Torlan Jeans, Testimonial

"... (Yossi's) insights have given me a deeper understanding of how to successfully develop my brand."

"Before working with Yossi, my focus was primarily on my products. Thanks to our time together, I've realized how important it is to think about the brand first and develop our brand's culture built on an effective values​ system.

Yossi guided me through the brand positioning process in a systematic way that provided me with very valuable input. His holistic approach to the market has helped me reposition my brand and gain clarity down to the last detail, and his guidance has opened my eyes to a deeper understanding of how to successfully develop my brand."

Sascha Hümbeli, Founder, TORLAND

"Simply one of the most sublimely gifted creatives I know."

"Simply one of the most sublimely gifted creatives I know. His superpower is being an amazing people person with a tireless work ethic. He’s worked with some of the biggest brands on planet Earth.

"Easy to give Yossi Fisher some love here and encourage any business large or small looking to 10X their marketing and brand development objectives to join his global network of partners and clients."

Moshe Modeira, Creative Director, NEW COPY MEDIA

"(Yossi's) recommendations and feedback were digestible and easy to absorb.

"Yossi is the utmost expert in his field! Not only is he an amazing listener, but he completely tuned into my goals and dreams as I explained my accomplishments and future goals. His recommendations and feedback were digestible and easy to absorb.

"Yossi makes the idea of my goals seem easy to attain and he also walked me through new ideas step by step in a non-intimidating conversation. He is professional and I would highly recommend his services! Yossi rocks!!"

Jenny Smith, Global Artist, NARS COSMETICS

"Yossi’s strategic mindset in a fast paced market is a thoroughly inspiring experience!"


"I feel extremely blessed to know and have worked with the incredibly creative and strategic talent that is Yossi Fisher! With unparalleled expertise within the fashion and social sphere, teamed with his unique approach and spiritually captivating personality, anyone able to work with Yossi will definitely be inspired by his presence and approach.

"Working with deeper levels to define a brand, teamed with Yossi’s strategic mindset in a fast-paced market, is a thoroughly inspiring experience! Forever grateful for his talent, unique insightfulness, guidance, and creativity!”

Naomi Isted, Influencer, ENTREPRENEUR

"(Yossi) left me more motivated than I was before."

"I can’t thank Yossi enough. My session was very intense. There was a lot of information to take in and I was very glad that our session was being recorded so I could go over it again and let it all sink in. Throughout the whole process, Yossi was very approachable and also let me feel at ease.

Yossi left me with quite a few good ideas that I can now go and explore on my own and he left me more motivated than I was before. If you feel like you are lost or just need some help organizing your ideas, you should try a session with him!"

Olga Ferreira-Hilario, Owner, SLASHED SALON

"Yossi has an enviable roster of global contacts that keeps him in high demand."

"When it comes to international fashion business, Yossi has an enviable roster of global contacts that keeps him in high demand in boardrooms and fashion weeks around the world. As a TFI mentor, Yossi has generously shared his extensive knowledge and experience with our members to create winning strategies that result in new market opportunities.

"He is an approachable, intelligent, creative straight-shooter with unwavering positive energy and we are very fortunate to have him within the TFI family."

Susan Langdon C.M, Executive Director, TFI FASHION INCUBATOR

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